What Is A Trademark?

A trademark is any word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes your goods or services from those of others. Because your company’s trademarks are how your customers differentiate you from the competition, your trademarks are highly valuable to your business. Don’t let your competitors encroach on your rights.

Whether you are just preparing to adopt a new mark or have been using a mark for years, our experienced trademark attorneys can help you maximize your legal protection. Our attorneys can provide a full range of trademark counseling services including:

  • Trademark searching and clearance
  • U.S. and foreign trademark registrations
  • Licensing, Assignments, and Acquisitions
  • Defending or enforcing trademark rights
  • Litigation
  • Domain Disputes
  • International trademark laws and treaties

Common Trademark Issues

Common LawTrademark

Because trademark rights are fundamentally based on use, many businesses have rights that they can enforce or enhance with better trademark habits even without Federal registration.


Sometimes a conflict seems to include trademarks, but not quite. The Federal trademark statute gives potential remedies even outside of direct trademark infringement, as does state law in most jurisdictions.


Trademark Registration enhances common law trademark rights. In most cases, registration is easy and direct, and an outstanding value from a cost standpoint.


Infringement can include from unintended collisions with other businesses, unethical competitors attempting to benefit from your hard-earned reputation, or outright counterfeiting.

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Representative Trademark Experience

  • Successfully prosecuted a TTAB Opposition through full trial, resulting in TTAB precedent on geographic marks and the use of Internet evidence to demonstrate trademark use.
  • Prosecuted and registered hundreds of successful federal trademark applications.
  • Guided a small local business to a highly favorable trademark settlement against a large international corporation.
  • Represented several original, nationally known craft breweries in the Charlotte area in their various trademark matters.
  • Represented several NFL coaches in their various trademark matters.
  • Represented several national Christian ministries in their various trademark matters.