What is a Patent?

A patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor, issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Generally, the term of a new patent is 20 years from the date on which the application for the patent was filed in the United States.

A patent gives the owner the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing the invention.

Evaluating the right to make, use, offer for sale, sell or import any given item requires a look at the patents of others. We help our clients with this on a regular basis. There are three types of patents:

  • Utility Patents – inventions or discoveries or any new and useful processes, of a product, process, or machine.
  • Design Patents – inventions of discoveries for product that have a distinct configuration, distinct surface ornamentation or both.
  • Plant Patents – inventions or discoveries of newly invented strains of asexually reproduced plants.

How We Can Help

Your patentable subject matter belongs to you or everybody else, including your competitors. Summa PLLC helps protect yours.

The attorneys at Summa PLLC have extensive scientific backgrounds that equip them to grasp a wide array of technical ideas and inventions quickly. Additionally, they have significant experience in patent drafting, prosecution, examiner interviews, Patent Trial Appeals Board (PTAB) appeals, and international patent prosecution, including strong personal relationships with patent and trademark attorneys in many countries.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide patents that are legally sound, as broad as possible in coverage, and layman-readable. These factors enhance enforceability and licensing potential. We work with you to protect your valuable business assets today, tomorrow, and beyond.

We know your time is valuable; therefore, we remove the writing burden from your staff and allow your scientists and engineers to concentrate on product creation instead of attempting to write legal documents.

Areas of Concentration

The firm has expertise in several technical areas, including:

  • Chemistry
  • Microwave-Assisted Chemistry
  • Chemical Laboratory Instrumentation
  • Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors
  • Light-Emitting Diodes
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Textiles
  • Polyesters And Related Polymer Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Packaging

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