Global Reach

In a world knowledge economy, businesses and individuals have unique and critical Intellectual Property concerns. Alongside advancements in technology, IP law has grown more complex and comprehensive. Choosing an attorney who is both experienced and skilled at the craft of Intellectual Property law on a global level is key to safeguarding innovation, thereby ensuring protection and fairness in every marketplace.

After nearly three decades, Phil Summa, founder of Summa PLLC, has amassed numerous recognitions, demonstrating the highest level of expertise in all areas of IP law, including obtaining formal protection of patents and trademarks, enforcing and defending IP rights, and licensing.

Phil has served as an expert witness in several contested patent matters, including testimony at depositions, a Markman hearing, and a jury trial. He has also assisted other firms in their patent litigation efforts and was lead author on a successful Markman brief.  One notable case called for experts in particle physics, and Phil (sometimes with lead counsel, sometimes individually) met with and interviewed such experts in places as far-flung as the Czech Republic, Geneva Switzerland (CERN), and Pasadena California (Cal Tech).

Additionally, the firm maintains memberships in the International Trademark Association, the American Intellectual Property Law Association and the Licensing Executives Society.

Representative Experience

  • Over 35 years of international patent prosecution.
  • Summa PLLC has assisted its clients in filing and maintaining patents and trademarks in numerous countries worldwide.
  • Phil Summa, founder, has appeared before the opposition divisions of both the Japan Patent Office and the European Patent Office.
  • The firm cultivates and maintains personal relationships with the best practitioners worldwide.
  • The firm avoids “reciprocity” prosecution and selects foreign associates based upon quality rather than quantity.

Let Summa PLLC help you develop, protect, and enforce your intellectual property assets today, and we will guide you to the result you deserve.

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